Dental Biomechanics

Period Title Sponsor
2019/8-2020/7 Biomechanical Analysis and Design Optimization of  Distal Extensions Mandibular Implant-assisted Removable Partial Denture MOST
2018/8-2019/7 Biomechanical Analysis and Design Optimization of Prostheses for All-on-4 Treatments MOST
2018/1-2018/12 The influence of edentulous area’s distribution on the marginal and internal fit of CAD/CAM multi-unit zirconia framework NCKU, College of Medicine
2017/8-2018/7 Toward Digital Dentistry – Development of Automatic Biomechanical Analysis System for Dental Implants MOST
2017/8-2018/7 Biomechanical analysis and prosthetic design optimization for restoring carious lesions with deep margin elevation procedures MOST
2016/8-2017/7 Design of anterior fiber-reinforced composite bridges using structural optimization technique MOST


Period Title Sponsor
2019/6-2021/5 Application of Micromotion Analysis to Improve Care of Parkinson’s Disease Patients MOST

Artificial Intelligence

Period Title Sponsor
2018/1-2018/12 開源義肢設計暨委託代工推廣計畫 科技部南科管理局