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2019/8-2020/7 Biomechanical Analysis and Design Optimization of  Distal Extensions Mandibular Implant-assisted Removable Partial Denture MOST
2018/8-2019/7 Biomechanical Analysis and Design Optimization of Prostheses for All-on-4 Treatments MOST
2018/1-2018/12 The influence of edentulous area’s distribution on the marginal and internal fit of CAD/CAM multi-unit zirconia framewor NCKU, College of Medicine
2017/8-2018/7 Toward Digital Dentistry – Development of Automatic Biomechanical Analysis System for Dental Implants MOST
2017/8-2018/7 Biomechanical analysis and prosthetic design optimization for restoring carious lesions with deep margin elevation procedures MOST
2016/8-2017/7 Design of anterior fiber-reinforced composite bridges using structural optimization techniqu MOST


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2019/6-2021/5 Application of Micromotion Analysis to Improve Care of Parkinson’s Disease Patients MOST

Artificial Intelligence

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2018/1-2018/12 開源義肢設計暨委託代工推廣計畫 科技部南科管理局


Name Topic
嚴焌榮 Investigating Tissue Targeting Accuracy in Needle Insertion with Pause and Pullback by Optical Imaging and Cohesive Based Finite Element Modeling
黃柏喻 Fatigue detection of continuous computer task using   support vector machine with Eulerian-based cardiac features
江建翰 Optimizing the Interfaces of Porcelain-Fused-To-Zirconia Fixed Partial Dentures
陳亮穎 Optimizing Class II Cavity Shape with Deep Margin Elevation via Design of Experiments and Fatigue Analysis
張元睿 Shape Optimization of Maxillary Anterior Resin-Bonded Fixed Partial Dentures
黃煜峰 Biomechanical Analysis and Design Optimization of Prostheses for All-on-4 Treatments
黃品叡 Radial stress analysis for investigating the effect of biopsy needle geometry on tissue damage
黃宇安 Investigating Cutting Force and Tissue Damage in Biopsy Needle
Cutting with Unidirectional and Bi-Directional Rotation
蕭亦娗 The influence of arrangements of anisotropic materials on the mechanical performance – an application with fiber-reinforced composite
陳友政 An Automated Framework for Constructing Numerical Model from Radiographic Images: A Case of Dental Implant
藍貫中 A Computational Approach to Investigate Optimal Cutting Speed Configurations in Rotational Needle Biopsy Cutting Soft Tissue
侯均憲 Class II Cavity Design with Indirect Restoration and Deep Margin Elevation: A Finite Element Method Study
鄭育宸 Fabrication and Testing Reaction Force of Tissue-Mimicking Phantom for Different Needle Geometry and Cutting Configuration